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Basketball, More Than A Game

Growing up, few things inspired me. One series of nights led me to watch the NBA finals in 2001, naturally living in LA, my family cheered for the Lakers. So basketball was introduced into my life. I was too chubby; being slow and nonathletic made the game very difficult for me, but something kept me in the game. Fast forward a dozen years and I love and still play the game except now I’m not that bad. Strong, explosive, and passionate. Basketball has been part of my life. Years spent practicing, shooting by myself, studying professional player, envisioning plays, all made me part of who I am today; an engineer, entrepreneur, and inventor to be. But there was a time I lost my love for basketball. Then, I saw Lebron James’s high school dunk contest.

It was summer time and my good friend called me and told me to turn on Sportscenter. I was in middle school, must have been in the sixth grade. Lebron James was phenomenal. His presents on the court was more than just an athletic player. He belonged on the court; not because of his skills or athleticism, rather, because of his goals. When Lebron was a kid in school he asked his teacher why Akron, Ohio, his home town, was not on the map. The teacher told him it was too small. That is when Lebron knew he wanted to put Akron on the map. So he did.

Our greatest adventures are not those which elevate us, but those which elevate what we believe in. For Lebron, his adventure has been to place Akron, Ohio on the map. A journey he had began and taken to great heights but had not entirely fulfilled. When I saw Lebron play, my love for basketball at that time had nearly diminished, but a spark ignited. Passion, hope, belief, all filled my vanes and pushed my blood. Here was a kid who had a dream as a child and had worked hard his entire life to pursue his dream. My life had changed. I began to not only dream, but believe in myself.

When Lebron left Cleveland, my dreams had slightly shattered. My hero left his dream. But I learned a great lesson, my dreams should, and always will, remain with myself and no one else. My passion for basketball slowly diminished. But, today, Lebron James decided to come back and play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. My hopes and  memories came back to me. I remember when Cleveland battled against Detroit year after year until they were victorious. I remember when Cleveland made it to the NBA finals and the Cavaliers pregame routine of cheering for “Championship!” Among everything I remember believing, not letting others diverge my aspirations.

“I’m coming home” reads Lebrons Instagram post. This is where he belongs, this is where we, as basketball fans, as dreamers, as believers belong.What basketball brings us is more than a game. Basketball brings us hope:  knowing someday our dreams may come true.

Thank you, welcome home.


(image credit to @kingjames on instagram)


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Never Give Up

It’s easy to be forgotten. It’s easy to give up on your dreams and think you don’t deserve them. It’s easy to look down on yourself. But no one said being great was easy. No one said you are going to be given the life you want. No one said everyone is going to help you or stand by you. Just like no one has the right to make you feel what the future hold. So believe, trust, close your eyes and envision who you want to be. Let go of who you are. Let go of your past and begin living the life of who you want to be. No barriers. Just trial and error. Keep fighting and never give up. Your ancestors didn’t, It’s why you are alive today. Keep going. 

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Happy Birthday, Nikola!

Today, June 10th, is Nikola Tesla’s birthday!

Nikola Tesla was a man of true, and even infinite, value. He has given many great things to our world and is a great example of a man with a pure heart who wishes to create a better world for all.

“The opinion of the world does not affect me. I have placed as the real values in my life what follows when I am dead.” (Tesla)

Here is a great comic about Mr Tesla and I highly recommend everyone reads through it:

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Adventures: Maintaining Balance!

Going away from home on a trip, whether for personal or business reasons, always feels like an adventure. A trip to a wonderful little town not many months ago inspired me to create a few guidelines in order to maintain focus on the tasks at hand and have a great time exploring during the adventure. These guidelines originated from personal experience and careful reflection on what worked and what did not.

1. Know your goal. There are certain responsibilities you have to fulfill while on the adventure. Your goal might be to give a presentation, visit a friend, relax, or to discover a new world of adventures. Once you know what your goal is, the entire trip can shape around this activity, helping you focus.

2. Know the location before arriving. Knowing the location beforehand creates a sense of belonging. This way you are not an ignorant outsider but someone who has a right to seek more and learn more of your new surroundings. So make sure to do your research!

3. Take all of the required essentials. The essentials depend on your goal(s) and help assure nothing prevents you from reaching them. This step involves planning ahead of time but pay off in the end. Some of my favorite items to take on any given trip include reading/studying material, nice formal clothing, and a notebook to record my adventures in.

4. Spend some energy. The best way to discover a new location is by using up some of your energy there. This may be bike riding, shopping, taking a tour, or simply walking around without any clear idea of where to go. By spending energy you have given yourself the chance to experience an adventure. But to fully experience an adventure there is one key ingredient that cannot go missing.

5. Be spontaneous! Stir it up and do something you would not normally do. You are away from home so live it up and bring back some wild memories.