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Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Crime and Punishment has been the heaviest book I have read. What Raskolnikov went through and the emotions he brought onto his family, friends and everyone around him showed me how much a single person can do. This I also saw in Sonia, who, in my opinion, is the jewel of this story. In some way Sonia is the opposite of Raskolnikov; where Rodion did not care for life, Sonia prized it.

After reading Crime and Punishment I was left with a few lessons:

First, I realize how young, naive, and unknowledgeable I am of  the world. Not once did I see through the plots of the cruel characters in the story, like Luzhin and Svidrigailov. But Raskolnikov saw through everyone, even Porfiry. This proves to me that I lack experience and do not see nor understand the word for what it is. Perhaps it was Raskolnikov’s despise in everyone that assisted him in seeing through the lies. Sonia on the other hand believed in the good and in everyone with all of her heart. That is why Raskolnikov pointed out it was her heart that allows others to use her.

Second, Crime and Punishment is a tale of many lessons that ultimately point to a single lesson; to every action there is a reaction. (Newton’s third law) Regardless of how brilliant Raskolnikov was, he still had to serve for his actions. Life is shown to be a tale of Karma. To every crime there must be punishment. To hard work and determination there is a reward.

Lastly, great things come to those who work through the difficult times. This concept makes me think of the rising of Lazarus, a tale read by Sonia to Raskolnikov from the Bible. Christ brought back the man who had been dead for four days. This may mean we must work and sometimes suffer before we may truly live.

One of my favorite characters, Razumihin, like Sonia is a full hearted, honest, and hard working person. This lead me to an idea: You must live life with a true heart of passion and honesty. Otherwise you will lose yourself in the world and forget who you are.

Crime and Punishment is a heavy book of life and gives one a taste of the difficulties many people endure in the world due to poverty. I am truly glad I read this book for I have grown quite a bit from seeing life through the eyes of Dostoevsky.


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