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Adventures: Maintaining Balance!

Going away from home on a trip, whether for personal or business reasons, always feels like an adventure. A trip to a wonderful little town not many months ago inspired me to create a few guidelines in order to maintain focus on the tasks at hand and have a great time exploring during the adventure. These guidelines originated from personal experience and careful reflection on what worked and what did not.

1. Know your goal. There are certain responsibilities you have to fulfill while on the adventure. Your goal might be to give a presentation, visit a friend, relax, or to discover a new world of adventures. Once you know what your goal is, the entire trip can shape around this activity, helping you focus.

2. Know the location before arriving. Knowing the location beforehand creates a sense of belonging. This way you are not an ignorant outsider but someone who has a right to seek more and learn more of your new surroundings. So make sure to do your research!

3. Take all of the required essentials. The essentials depend on your goal(s) and help assure nothing prevents you from reaching them. This step involves planning ahead of time but pay off in the end. Some of my favorite items to take on any given trip include reading/studying material, nice formal clothing, and a notebook to record my adventures in.

4. Spend some energy. The best way to discover a new location is by using up some of your energy there. This may be bike riding, shopping, taking a tour, or simply walking around without any clear idea of where to go. By spending energy you have given yourself the chance to experience an adventure. But to fully experience an adventure there is one key ingredient that cannot go missing.

5. Be spontaneous! Stir it up and do something you would not normally do. You are away from home so live it up and bring back some wild memories.