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Morning Jog: Beauty of Listening to your Body

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Often I jog at night, a few hours before going to bed. Something about the night vibe gave me a sense of coolness. Since moving to our [me and my family] new home I have not jogged in the morning, in fact I have not jogged in the morning in a long time. When we were in the process of moving I saw one of our neighbors jogging. This lead me to look at our neighborhood from google maps and see if there are any nice running paths. Turns out a run around the block is good enough for me. I measured the distance using google maps and found it to be 2.4 miles. May not be much to an avid runner but this was good enough for me, someone who has never consistently ran.

Keeping time was new to me, but very fun and rewarding. My night time jog’s were anywhere from 18:20 to 19 minutes; an average of ¬†7:71 per mile. My first goal was to beat the 18 minute mark. Now, for some reason I though working out at night would result in me having more energy and performing at a higher level. This I found out is not the case!

This morning I woke up early, for some odd reason. (After the spring semester finished, I have been giving myself the pass of having to wake up early.) I wanted to do some cardio and thought of jump roping, but my body wanted something else. So, I decided to listen to my body and run. The air was much cooler and there was a fair amount of fog. My body felt pretty great, though. Like every other time I run, I pushed myself a bit hard to reach a nice time. Once I was at the finish line, to my surprise, I had beaten the 18 minute mark! And I had beaten it by 25 seconds with a time of 17:35 (average of 7:32 per mile). Yay!!!

Running in the mornings may become more of a norm, as apposed to running in the night time. I truly am glad to reach a goal, always a nice feeling.

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Update(12/9/2013): I’ve been working on myself: improving my diet as well as strength. Last time, shortly after summer, my run was around 15 minutes and 30 seconds. Yes, a big change in time. My average is around 6 minutes and 30 seconds per mile. Not too bad haha.